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Issue 187 April 2015

Socialism Today 187 - April 2015

The SNP: a threat to the political establishment?

The SNP looks set to win the majority of Scottish seats in the general election. It would then be a key player in any coalition horse-trading. With its eyes firmly on that prize, it is positioning itself as part of a ‘progressive alliance’, in opposition to Con-Dem austerity. But does that claim stack up? PHILIP STOTT reports.

Greece: ‘erratic Marxism’ is not the answer

The Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is a key figure in the Syriza-led government in Greece – elected on a radical, anti-austerity programme. He describes himself as an ‘erratic Marxist’. So, what does he stand for? And what programme can take the Greek workers’ struggle forward? PETER TAAFFE writes.

What low oil prices cost the world economy

The shale oil revolution in the US and Canada has produced a world oil glut – and a slump in investment in high-cost oilfields. Lower oil prices have given a boost to economic growth in the US and oil importers like the EU, India and Japan – but thrown oil producers like Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela into crisis. They have split Opec and sharpened the competition between oil importers and exporters. Far from being an unqualified ‘plus’, the sudden plunge of oil and gas prices has underlined the volatility in the world capitalist economy. LYNN WALSH writes.

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