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Issue 190 July/August 2015

Socialism Today 190 - Jul/Aug 2015

Socialists and the EU referendum

With the long run-up to a referendum on Britain’s EU membership underway, and as Greece’s stand-off with the EU institutions reaches a new stage, CLIVE HEEMSKERK looks at how socialists should approach the in-or-out EU debate.

Britain’s class battle-lines are drawn

The Tories may have only won a small majority in May’s general election but they are hell-bent on driving through brutal austerity policies – alongside further attacks on trade union and democratic rights. This drew up to a quarter-of-a-million people to protest through London and Glasgow, raising the need for trade union-led struggle. HANNAH SELL reports.

Iraq/Syria: US imperialist strategy in tatters

Millions of people in Iraq and Syria continue to suffer from the devastating aftershocks of the US/UK invasion of Iraq in 2003. Predictably, the subsequent occupation destabilised the whole region. As SERGE JORDAN explains, it also unleashed sectarian division to an unprecedented degree, giving rise to a multitude of reactionary, violent forces, including ISIS.

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