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Issue 191 September 2015

Socialism Today 191 - September 2015


The Corbyn insurgency

This edition of Socialism Today goes to press three weeks before the result of the Labour Party leadership election is announced. But whatever the outcome of the contest, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has already transformed the political situation in Britain.

Council cuts and the Corbyn campaign

Jeremy Corbyn launched his Labour leadership bid to be ‘the start of a movement against austerity’ and has said that councils could be an important focus of resistance. CLIVE HEEMSKERK argues that how the struggle against council cuts unfolds in the coming months will provide an early measure of the impact of the Corbyn insurgency.

Greece and the latest phase of the EU crisis

Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza leadership have pushed through parliament the third bailout – and further deep cuts – although only with the help of right-wing parties. However, the crises in Greece, the eurozone and wider EU are far from over. As TONY SAUNOIS explains, these unfolding developments are of immense importance to socialists internationally.

Socialism: past or future?

Paul Mason’s latest book, PostCapitalism, presents a vision of a new society, without the horrors of the current capitalist system. However, he no longer sees the possibility of mass working-class struggle to change society and dismisses socialism as an old idea whose time has passed. PETER TAAFFE reviews.

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