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Issue 192 October 2015


Socialism Today 192 - October 2015

Build on the victory

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory is a political earthquake that transforms the situation in Britain and poses stark questions for how a new mass socialist force can be built. PETER TAAFFE writes.

Socialists rising: but are women left behind?

Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s Socialist Alternative city council member, was asked by The Guardian’s US website how to overcome structural discrimination and under-representation of women on the left in the light of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour Party, and Bernie Sanders’ success compared to Hillary Clinton. The only elected female socialist in the US answers.

Unpacking the rucksack

Identity politics and the struggle against oppression

In the search for a way to fight against discrimination and oppression, many young people in particular embrace identity politics. It can be an important first step towards the development of socialist consciousness – if it leads on to an understanding of the class nature of capitalist society and need for united, mass struggle. HANNAH SELL writes.

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Reclaim Labour?
Reprint from 2002 following a conference organised by the Campaign Group of MPs

The situation a year after the indyref. Philip Stott writes

Northern Ireland
Sectarian stand-off has paralysed the ruling executive reports Michael Cleary

Revisiting Animal Farm
Orwell's classic 70 years on

Ai Weiwei
Chinese artist's new exhibition