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Issue 193 November 2015


Socialism Today 193 - November 2015

The Bernie Sanders challenge

The established political order in the US has been shaken up by Bernie Sandersí campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Not only has he tapped into a widespread anti-corporate mood, he has also fired up interest in socialist ideas. TOM CREAN reports on the impact of his campaign, and the tasks it sets for the workersí movement.

The Toriesí austerity agenda

The Tory governmentís economic policy is ideologically driven. Savage austerity and cut-backs are designed to make working-class and middle-class people pay for the systemís crisis. Meanwhile, the wealthiest in society continue to benefit. JUDY BEISHON writes.

The Get Corbyn plot and how to combat it

There are formidable forces mobilising to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, argues CLIVE HEEMSKERK, and the likelihood that the outcome of that struggle will pose the need for a new party must be discussed.

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