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Issue 195 February 2016

Socialism Today 195 - February 2016

Spain: a break in the political establishment

Decemberís elections broke the hold of the two main capitalist parties for the first time since the Franco dictatorship. The high vote for representatives of workersí and social movements, and the recovery of the left-populist Podemos, open up a new phase in the struggle against austerity. DANNY BYRNE reports.

Britainís fractured politics

Labourís left and right fault-lines are widening. The Tories face deep splits over Europe Ė and their savage austerity could yet unleash mass resistance. Itís a volatile mix, writes PETER TAAFFE.

Africa rising: whatís left of the good news?

The abrupt slowdown in the growth of the Chinese economy, along with economic crises in western imperialist countries, has put the brakes on the new scramble for Africa. Largely driven by raw material exports, the growth has been lopsided, fuelling inequality and class polarisation. LIV SHANGE looks at the processes taking place.

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