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Issue 196 March 2016

Socialism Today 196 - March 2016

Nuclear weapons:

State power and prestige

The Tory government is pushing through the renewal of Trident – at huge cost. Behind the bogus defence claims, the main aim is to prop up the pretence of Britain as a ‘great power’. LYNN WALSH reports on this colossal waste of resources.

Bernie Sanders’ radical challenge

Bernie Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire rocked the US establishment. For the first time, a candidate who calls himself a socialist won a major US primary, and by the widest margin in New Hampshire history. This victory, combined with the virtual tie in Iowa, underscores the tumultuous new era of US politics, writes PATRICK AYERS, from Socialist Alternative (CWI in USA).

Five years on from the Arab Spring

The 'Arab Spring' revolutionary wave brought dictators in Tunisia and Egypt crashing down. It swept through the Middle East, inspiring workers and youth the world over. It has since ebbed, however, leaving the region wracked with war and sectarian conflict. SERGE JORDAN, from the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), looks back at the movement and at the situation today.

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