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Issue 199 June 2016

Socialism Today 199 - June 2016

Britain’s gaping political fault-lines

Immediately after May’s elections, the EU referendum battle began – along with an overt, brutal power struggle in the Tory party. Cameron’s weak government is on the ropes. An anti-austerity, socialist campaign for Brexit could finish it off. Unfortunately, most Labour MPs and union leaders back the remain camp. It is a huge missed opportunity, writes PETER TAAFFE, but has exposed the splits in the political establishment.

The working-class case against the EU

The latest book by Yanis Varoufakis exposes the role of the EU in destroying Greece’s economy and tearing apart its social fabric by imposing savage austerity. Yet, he concludes that the reform of EU institutions is the answer. HANNAH SELL explains why this is a non-starter, and why international workers’ struggle is the only solution.

The Marxist left, the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle

The Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI Israel-Palestine) campaigns to end the occupation and the national oppression of the Palestinians and for a just peace based on full equality between the Israelis and Palestinians, including an equal right for existence, self-determination, personal security and welfare. This is an edited version of a statement agreed by the SSM’s National Committee in April.

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