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Issue 200 July/August 2016

Socialism Today 200 - July/August 2016

Referendum revolt

Capitalist establishment shattered

The vote to leave the EU has rocked capitalist institutions in Britain and internationally. It is yet another reflection of the anger at mass poverty and savage austerity and of the growing anti-establishment mood. And now the political aftershocks are beginning to reverberate. PETER TAAFFE writes.

200 editions of Socialism Today

This is the 200th issue of Socialism Today, which was launched in 1995 as the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party. As we go to press, the repercussions of the EU referendum vote are beginning to reverberate throughout Britain, Europe and the world. This confirms the analysis of this magazine from the start: that the capitalist powers of Europe would be incapable of overcoming national boundaries and unifying the continent.

US elections 2016

Polarised, radicalised, deeply divided

There is a massive political polarisation in US society reflected in this election. Donald Trump is the most disliked presidential candidate in modern history, Hillary Clinton the second most! BRYAN KOULOURIS edits and updates material produced by Socialist Alternative, the US organisation in political solidarity with the Committee for a Workers International.

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