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Issue 202 October 2016

Socialism Today 202 - October 2016


Corbyn re-election another step to transforming Labour

Jeremy Corbyn's re-election as Labour leader represents a significant defeat for the capitalist establishment. Now, the victory needs to be consolidated.

Leon Trotsky’s living legacy

Trotsky was one of the 20th century’s key figures: co-leader of the Russian revolution and tireless fighter against Stalin’s counter-revolution. Assassinated in 1940, he defended the ideas of democratic socialism to the end – against both capitalist exploitation and Stalinist dictatorship. The timely republication of an important biography is a chance for a new generation to discover what Trotsky stood for. And, PETER TAAFFE writes, of his vital relevance today.

The Corbynomics challenge

The IMF now calls for state intervention to stimulate the ailing global economy. And many on the left also propose Keynesian-style policies. So, does this mean the IMF would welcome a Corbyn-led government in Britain? If not, why not? HANNAH SELL considers the economics and politics at play.

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The gig economy
New ways to exploit workers,  and a new wave of struggle, writes Rob Williams

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