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Issue 206 March 2017

Socialism Today 206 - March 2017

Women’s Marches

A new movement rising

Millions of women led protests across the world against the bigoted new US president – the biggest ever inauguration demos. They form part of a much wider struggle to defend and extend women’s rights. SARAH SACHS-ELDRIDGE reports on the significance of this movement, and how it is linked to the need for systemic change.

Trump, Brexit and politics now

Trump’s victory has further exposed the systemic problems facing capitalism today. It has widened the splits in establishment parties and between nation states. It is fuelling rising anger against the existing order. At the same time, as HANNAH SELL explains, we are beginning to see the kind of collective action needed to provide an alternative.

Who’s killing local government?

A recent essay in the London Review of Books by Tom Crewe, The Strange Death of Municipal England, attracted wide interest with its detailed story of the remorseless attack on local councils. But it underplayed the fact that local government is still an alternative power which, if the will was there, could become a force for resistance, argues CLIVE HEEMSKERK.

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Royals vs the Bolsheviks
The Royal Academy's assault on the Bolsheviks. A political review of its centenary exhibition by Manny Thain

1917 revolution timeline
The second in our series charting the Russian revolution: March 1917

February revolution
Article by Leon Trotsky - translated into English for the first time - on the character of the February revolution