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Issue 207 April 2017

Socialism Today 207 - April 2017

Brexit and the left

The vote to leave the European Union has disoriented many on the left. Recoiling at the racism and nationalism whipped up by both Leave and Remain campaigns and seized on by the far-right many toe the establishment line and support the EU. The only way to counter that right-wing pressure, explains HANNAH SELL, is with a clear anti-austerity and pro-working class internationalist programme.

Northern Ireland

Brexit and the border

Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly were bitterly fought around issues raised by the Brexit referendum and, for the first time, unionist parties lost their majority. With the executive in limbo, unable as yet to form an administration, new elections could be called. Direct rule from Westminster could be re-imposed. Whatever the immediate outcome, sectarian wounds have been reopened, writes STEPHEN BOYD.

Fighting xenophobia in South Africa

A new wave of xenophobic violence has threatened to engulf South Africa. Over recent months, isolated attacks against foreign residents and businesses took place in south Johannesburg and west Pretoria. But the swift action of immigrant groups and organised South African communities, with the Workers and Socialist Party (WASP CWI South Africa) playing a leading role, seems to have prevented the sparks from catching fire for now at least. SHAUN ARENDSE reports.

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