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Issue 208 May 2017

Socialism Today 208 - May 2017

Bob Crow’s socialist legacy

When Bob Crow died in March 2014 the trade union movement in Britain lost one of its best known and most determined fighters. He was far from being only an industrial militant, however. Bob was also instrumental in the struggle to build a new mass party of the working class, a key element underplayed in a new biography reviewed by PETER TAAFFE.

Lessons from the anti-austerity movement

Mass protests against Donald Trump in the US have revived many questions around building mass movements, their goals and whether they can be achieved, and what forces need to be mobilised. PAULA MITCHELL looks at the arguments of Ellie Mae O’Hagan, one of the leaders of UK Uncut in 2010.

Capitalism’s housing crisis

Big business is increasingly taking over the housing sector – social rented as well as private ownership. The results have been devastating as tenants face sky-high rents, fewer rights, worsening conditions, and government policies of aggressive deregulation. PAUL KERSHAW reviews two books linking the current housing crisis with globalisation and the financial markets.

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Trump defeats
Down but not out

US airstrikes

Russian revolution 1917
May timeline

Red Kronstadt
Two articles by Leon Trotsky, written in May 1917 and translated into English for the first time

Petrograd 1917
Chaos and exhilaration

BP blowout
Gulf oil disaster

Yevgeny Zamyatin
The noted Russian writer

Crisis zone
Stiglitz on the euro