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Issue 209 June 2017

Socialism Today 209 - June 2017


Britain’s election and the coming battle for Labour

The only certain outcome of the general election – as we go to press – is that none of the contradictions besetting British capitalism will be resolved by the result. Tory divisions; uncertainties surrounding Brexit negotiations; the battle around a new Scottish independence referendum… Only the form will differ, depending on the exact parliamentary arithmetic. Most acute of these contradictions is the unfinished war between the ‘two parties in one’ within the Labour Party. All this marks out the election as a watershed moment.

No mandate for austerity France

Widespread relief greeted the far-right’s defeat in France’s presidential elections. The winner, Emmanuel Macron, however, promises to continue the harsh neoliberal policies he implemented in the previous administration. A mass movement is growing to resist this plan – and the huge support for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the presidentials reflects the potential to build a socialist alternative. LEÏLA MESSAOUDI, from Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI in France), reports.

Capitalism condemned

The financial crash of 2007-08 rocked the world economy yet the banksters were bailed out with taxpayers’ money, and we continue to pay through savage austerity. A scathing new book makes the case for more regulation. However, writes PETER TAAFFE, the only way to end capitalism’s chaos and devastation is through systemic change.

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