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Issue 210 July/August 2017

Socialism Today 210 - July/August 2010

Britain’s earthquake election

Consolidating the Corbyn revolution

In April Theresa May called a snap general election with the Tories 20 points ahead in the polls – expecting to win easily and to rout Labour. Then Jeremy Corbyn defied Labour’s right wing and launched a radical anti-austerity manifesto. Now May hangs by a thread, presiding over a split party in a minority government – reeling from mounting anger at savage cut-backs epitomised by the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire. PETER TAAFFE writes.

Bernie Sanders’ big opportunity

Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential primary campaign has had a profound impact on working people and youth in the US. Since the election, Sanders has continued to have a huge influence on political discussion, with the self-described ‘democratic socialist’ becoming the most prominent left-wing critic of the Trump administration. This opens up a big opportunity, writes CALVIN PRIEST of Socialist Alternative, to build a genuine alternative to the pro-big business Democrats and Republicans.

The rise and fall of Syriza

On 5 July 2015 a historic referendum took place in Greece against the European troika’s austerity memorandum, with a tremendous 61.5% majority vote for No. But two years later, ANDROS PAYIATOS, from Xekinima (CWI in Greece) reports, Greek society under a Syriza-led government is faced with the continuation of the same policies that were applied by the traditional parties of the ruling class, the social democratic Pasok and the conservative New Democracy (ND). What went wrong?

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Northern Ireland
Sectarian election

Trump v Paris
Climate accord dumped

Mother Jones
The remarkable life and times of the US labour pioneer, by Linda Taaffe

Russian revolution 1917
July/August timeline

The revolution is in danger! Leon Trotsky's analysis of the threat of counter-revolution after the July Days - in English for the first time


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