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Issue 211 September 2017

Socialism Today 211 - September 2017

Capitalism’s grave new world

The financial crisis of 2007/08 delivered a shock to the capitalist system from which it is yet to recover. It cut across globalisation – and the triumphalism that followed the collapse of Stalinism. HANNAH SELL reviews an important new book revealing the deep-rooted fears of leading capitalists.

Students: a time to fight back

Students in the new term face record debt, fee hikes and further education cut-backs - and a divided Tory minority government. All the conditions are there for a new mass student movement to erupt. THEO SHARIEFF-WINSTON reports.

Finding a route to socialism USA

At the end of June, amid a growing discussion about socialism in the US, Bhaskar Sunkara wrote an important op-ed in the New York Times entitled ‘Socialism’s Future May Be Its Past’. ALAN JONES wrote a contribution on behalf of Socialist Alternative. This is an edited version – the full article is here, from the CounterPunch website.

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An inbuilt disaster

1867 Reform Act
Mass action won major vote reform - 30 years before the Labour Party was formed. Jim Horton writes

Russian revolution 1917
September timeline

Soviet power rises
Leon Trotsky's Bolshevik declaration at the Democratic Conference - a first English translation

Mapping the euro-left
Europe in revolt

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