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Issue 213 November 2017

Socialism Today 213 - November 2017

The end of the Tories?

The Tories are on the ropes: publicly humiliated at their conference, precariously holding onto power, split over Europe and split on Theresa Mayís leadership. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn continues to further his position and policies in Labour. PETER TAAFFE looks at the significance of their contrasting fortunes.

Catalonian masses fight nationalist reaction

Mass resistance erupted when Spainís national security forces were deployed against Catalonians voting in an independence referendum. Hundreds of people were beaten up, ballot boxes forcibly removed, polling stations locked down by armed police and civil guards. All social forces are being drawn into a struggle which goes to the heart of the Spanish capitalist state. This is a statement by IZQUIERDA REVOLUCIONARIA (CWI Spain), published on 9 October 2017 and translated by Sarah Wrack.

The time to halt global warming

Recent research on the possibility of limiting global warming to a 1.5C rise above pre-industrial levels has been seized on by climate change sceptics. They claim that the models predicting global warming used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have exaggerated the problem. The reality, however, is very different and, PETE DICKENSON explains. the need to take urgent action remains.

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