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Issue 216 March 2018

Socialism Today 216 - March 2018

Ten years since the crash

What now for the world economy?

All is not well with capitalism. Economic jitters parallel political volatility. Stock market highs in December turned to mass share sell-offs in February. Colossal personal and governmental debt stalks the system, limiting the capitalistsí room for manoeuvre. In reality, the global economy has not fully recovered from the 2007/08 crash. JUDY BEISHON writes.

Editorial: Tory Brexit divisions, Corbynís opportunity

The Socialist Party campaigned for a Leave vote in the June 2016 referendum, refusing to give a vote of confidence to the European Union bossesí club. We also supported a Leave vote because of the impact we predicted it would have on the Tory Party - which is now accepted wisdom. This situation creates opportunities but also, with the Blairite fifth column within the Labour Party on Brexit manoeuvres, dangers too. The need for the workersí movement to have an independent class position on the EU and a socialist, internationalist programme has never been greater.

Gorbachev: accidental architect of world change

Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Unionís last leader, left a truly historical legacy. Aiming to reform bureaucratic rule he helped unleash forces that led to the complete collapse of Stalinism in Russia and eastern Europe. That then fed capitalist globalisation, opening up new markets and cheap labour Ė and a worldwide propaganda offensive against socialism. PETER TAAFFE reviews a comprehensive study of the central player.

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Rifts in the capitalist elite

Polluted oceans
Facing a double threat

Catalonia in revolt
The volatile mix of anti-austerity anger and national oppression examined by Danny Byrne

Women and the vote
100 years on, Heather Rawling looks at the role of working-class women in the struggle for representation