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Issue 217 April 2018

Socialism Today 217 - April 2018

For a fighting, democratic Labour Party

The Labour left has been strengthened since last year’s general election. However, decisive action is needed to consolidate those gains, against right-wing attacks and to transform Labour into an open, democratic, federal working-class party with a clear anti-austerity, socialist programme. HANNAH SELL writes.

Editorial: Passing the council cuts test

The age of austerity has claimed its first failing local authority. Northamptonshire is the first council to become technically insolvent, but it won’t be the last. Councils are in crisis. A National Audit Office report in March argued they have suffered a 28.6% real terms reduction in spending power since 2010-11. And there is more to come as the Tories move towards the abolition of centrally-distributed revenue support by 2020. There is no managerial solution or ‘dented shield’ strategy available to stop this return to a pre-Poplar council model, and everything it will mean for public services. There is no alternative but to fight.

Economic nationalist climate threat

Rising protectionism is not only a threat to the world economy it also threatens international cooperation to tackle global warming. That is the conclusion being drawn by sections of the capitalist ruling class. Indeed, it was a central theme at the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland, at the start of this year. MANNY THAIN reports.

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