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Issue 219 June 2018

Socialism Today 219 - June 2018

Antisemitism, Israel-Palestine and the left

The Labour right wing and capitalist establishment are waging a colossal campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party and his anti-austerity policies. Particularly pernicious is the avalanche of antisemitism allegations levelled against him – and the left in general. As PETER TAAFFE explains, this threat can only be answered with an all-round, class-based approach to the national question.

Britain after the May elections

On the surface, it might appear that nothing much happened at the local elections. But what that means is that the Tories remain riven with splits, and there is no let-up in the sustained assault on Jeremy Corbyn by Labour right-wingers. Political volatility reigns – something has to give. PAULA MITCHELL writes.

Brazil: a new era of polarisation and struggle

Systemic corruption and economic downturn run alongside the parliamentary coup by right-wing political forces. Evermore authoritarian rule belies ruling class indecision ahead of October’s presidential election – amid promising initiatives on the left. TONY SAUNOIS, recently returned from the congress of Liberdade Socialismo e Revolução (CWI in Brazil), assesses Brazil in turmoil.

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