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Issue 221 September 2018

Socialism Today 221 - September 2018

PCS: the real issues at stake

The dispute within the left of Britain’s largest civil service union raises key issues for the whole labour movement. Above all, the need for democratic, lay-member control of fighting trade unions. HANNAH SELL and ROB WILLIAMS explain the background to the current situation.


Vultures circle but the Corbyn insurgency can still be saved

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party leadership campaign in the summer of 2015 raised the hopes of millions of workers and young people - in Britain and internationally. The scale of Corbyn’s initial victory held back the Blairite saboteurs. They were also frustrated by the defeat of the 2016 leadership coup and the ‘third wave’ of support for Corbynism’s anti-austerity message in Labour’s surge at the 2017 general election. But they never went away. And now, aided by their patrons in the media and capitalist establishment, a new destabilisation offensive is in full swing.

Parasitic capitalism exposed

Mariana Mazzucato’s new book is a detailed exposé of the parasitic character of modern capitalism, drawing on Karl Marx’s theory of the source of value creation. But understanding the law of value is only a first step to providing an alternative to a system that cannot overcome its inevitable tendency for periodic crises and which needs to be overthrown, argues PETER TAAFFE.

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Nationality law protests

The crisis deepens

1960s union militancy
When the trade union rank and file led the fight against wage restraint. Jim Horton writes

The Anthropocene
Epoch making decisions

Labour Party
Historic divisions

Jeremy Coryn's rise
A radical rebirth?