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Issue 223 November 2018

Socialism Today 223 - November 2018

Corbynism three years on

The Tory government hangs by a thread. Its disastrous Brexit policy threatens to blow it apart and widespread desperation and anger at seemingly endless austerity could erupt at any moment. There’s still time, argues PETER TAAFFE, for Jeremy Corbyn to act decisively in Labour’s drawn out civil war – to develop a socialist alternative to capitalist crisis and misery.

The latest, starkest global warning

In October, cyclone Leslie devastated the Iberian peninsula, only the second time a tropical cyclone has hit Europe since 1842. It coincided with the meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN climate research body, where a report called for a new target to restrict the global temperature rise to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, instead of the present target of 2C. It issued a stark, twelve-year warning. PETE DICKENSON reports.

Do we really need a new Anti-Nazi League?

How can we fight the far-right when poverty pay, sky-high rents and harsh austerity provide such fertile ground for racism and reaction? Drawing lessons from the 1970s, PAULA MITCHELL explains the limitations of the approach epitomised by the ANL – and why a socialist alternative to capitalism’s inability to provide a decent future is needed to mobilise working-class people.

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