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Issue 227 April 2019

Socialism Today 227 - April 2019

A turning point for Corbynism?

The minority Tory government faces a historic crisis, hanging on by a thread. Theresa May has lost an unprecedented series of votes in parliament, her party utterly split on Brexit. A snap general election could be called any time. These are critical times for the workers’ movement and Labour’s left-wing leadership, writes HANNAH SELL.

Editorial: The way out of the Brexit impasse

As the first act in the Brexit drama reaches its concluding scenes, only one thing about the plot is certain. The reverberations from the working-class revolt against the capitalist establishment which, at bottom, the 2016 EU referendum result represented will not end at that point. Further Westminster paralysis, an acrimonious breakdown of negotiations between Britain and the EU27 and an ‘accidental’ no-deal exit, a cabinet rebellion and the defenestration of May, a general election, a Corbyn-led government or another hung parliament – all these possibilities and other variants, too, are inherent in the unfolding situation.

Britain: ten years hard labour

A decade of austerity has hit the working class with harsh cut-backs in public services and jobs, wage freezes, anti-union laws, and threats of factory closures. Yet the relatively low level of industrial action masks rising anger – and can be seen in a number of hard-fought strikes. ROB WILLIAMS looks at some battles and how they can help us prepare for future struggles.

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