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Issue 229 June 2019

Socialism Today 229 - June 2019

Bernie Sanders and the road to a mass workers’ party

Bernie Sanders’ 2016 bid for the presidency shook up US politics. Attracting hundreds of thousands of people around a radical programme, it showed the potential for a working-class-based alternative to the two main parties. TONY SAUNOIS reviews an account of the campaign, drawing the lessons for the 2020 presidential contest now under way.

Editorial: warning lights flashing for Corbynism

The promise of the Corbyn insurgency that began in 2015 is in danger, momentum has stalled. The results of the local elections - and to the European parliament after we go to press, with Labour set to be outpolled by Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party - are a serious warning. By not completing the insurgency set in motion in 2015 and transforming Labour ideologically and organisationally into a mass socialist workers’ party, a vacuum remains which can be filled by other forces dangerous to the working class.

US-China trade war

Relations between the two major powers are increasingly strained, with the current standoff on tariffs threatening to escalate into an all-out trade war. That, in turn, could devastate the still sluggish global economy. As ROBIN CLAPP explains, this is part of the new world disorder of increased instability and confrontation.

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