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Issue 230 July-August 2019

Socialism Today 230 - July-August 2019

The future is socialism - an answer to Paul Mason

These are complicated, contradictory times. The capitalist system is in crisis. Mass revolt has erupted - yet the organised working class has not generally taken the lead. Meanwhile, advances in information technology run at breakneck speed. This combination can lead to confused, pessimistic conclusions, and PETER TAAFFE reviews one of its latest incarnations.

Editorial: What now for Brexit?

Three years on from the referendum over the UKís membership of the European Union the ruling classes of Britain and Europe have still not found a way to deal with the seismic consequences of the June 2016 vote to leave the bossesí club.

The landowning establishment

Land privatisation, the largest neoliberal grab in Britain since Margaret Thatcher came to office in 1979, has scarcely been debated. Also shrouded in secrecy is who actually owns a lot of it. Now two new books, reviewed here by PAUL KERSHAW, and recent Labour Party statements are helping to put these important issues on the agenda.

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An answer to Paul Mason

The landowning establishment
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