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US Terror attacks

CWI War reports
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A new world situation
The US 'war against global terrorism' threatens misery and devastation for millions, writes Peter Taaffe

Economic consequences Shock waves swept the US and world economy. What will be the effects? asks Lynn Walsh

Middle East aftershocks Sharon and Arafat are under pressure to talk, argues Kevin Simpson, but events in this volatile region could still easily spiral out of the control of US imperialism

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In Issue No. 60

Australia Afghan refugee controversy

Macedonia Nato's 'holding operation' is no solution

South Africa Millions strike against privatisation

Britain's fragile economy Defying gravity, for now

Who is Iain Duncan Smith? The outcome of the Tory leadership contest will have far-reaching effects on British politics, argues Lynn Walsh

Science, ideology & profit
Dr Jon Dale looks at the controversy in the US over government funding of stem cell research

Desire Unbound Surrealism at the Tate