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The US-led assault on Afghanistan is a defence of imperialist interests


Slipping into a quagmire 

Success for the US military and political strategy is certainly not guaranteed


The Afghan experience

Historical reprint on the Russian defeat in Afghanistan


Gathering momentum to war 

Events in Israel and the Palestinian Authority have brought the region to the brink of war

Blair's morals not ours 

Blair's 'New World Order Mark ll' vision is as hollow as its first incarnation, argues Per Olsson


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War on the home front 

A new period has begun in which the norms of politics don't apply, says Peter Taaffe


Taking liberties 

New repressive laws are being introduced under an anti-terror banner, Manny Thain writes


Taking care of business 

The public sector is even more in on the frontline of New Labour attacks, argues Bill Mullins



The nuclear danger 

New Labour pushes ahead with Mox processing plant, as new nuclear threat revealed