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Socialism Today issue 63. Cover shows Enron slug dropping from US "Trash can" of worms.Davos in New York

What is happening in the world economy?

THIS YEAR THE World Economic Forum, which usually meets in the exclusive Swiss ski resort at Davos, convened in New York to show solidarity after September 11. 

Three thousand elite politicians, bankers and big tycoons, along with a sprinkling of ideologues, altogether spent over $100 million on hotels, ballrooms and restaurants, according to the New York City Tourism Board.  More ...


The Enron scandal

Lynn Walsh examines the political and economic fallout of the greatest ever corporate collapse


World Social Forum 

Tony Saunois reports from the Porto Alegre gathering, an alternative to capitalism?



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Cover design by Alan Hardman



Zimbabwe elections:

Mugabe attempts to organise his return



Two years of reaction and resistance


Abortion rights:

Women under attack in Ireland and Portugal



The Business Link:

Ken Smith looks at the attitude of New Labour to the capitalist market


New Labour and the unions:

The Pressure grows on the link between Labour and the unions.


The rise and fall of Solidarnosc:

Rob Jones on a movement which, twenty years ago, could have changed the world



Accident & design:

The Tate Modern Warhol exhibition


Cleaning up corrupt political funding? Will the McCain-Feingold, Shays-Meehan reforms now before Congress make any real difference? Lynn Walsh comments


The Bush Budget: Higher arms spending and tax cuts for the wealthy will driving a tank through social spending, by Lynn Walsh [From ‘The Socialist’ 243: 1 March, 2002]


International Women's Day