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'The next phase'

US prepares for attack on Iraq

Will the US invade Iraq?  THE US NOW appears intent on launching a military attack on Iraq before the end of the year. The open aim is a change of regime, to get rid of Saddam. The scale of assault, and whether it would involve a ground invasion, is far from clear. Bush has reportedly given his advisors until the 15 April to come up with 'a coagulated plan'.  More ...


US nuclear 'first-strike' plans

Lynn Walsh examines leaked Pentagon proposals for a new generation of nuclear weapons


Italy on the march

Clare Doyle reports on the massive movement developing against Berlusconi



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Mugabe's electoral coup d'etat


RMT on the frontline

New opportunities after Bob Crow's election


Not 'Cool Cymru'

Three years of the Welsh assembly


French election battle

"Josrac & Chipin" … and Ariette Laguiller




Can there be a solution to the escalating cycle of violence? Kevin Simpson writes


Venezuela at the crossroads

What is happening to Chavez's 'Bolivarian revolution'? Tony Saunois writes


Cleaning up corrupt political funding? Will the McCain-Feingold, Shays-Meehan reforms now before Congress make any real difference? Lynn Walsh comments


The Bush Budget: Higher arms spending and tax cuts for the wealthy will driving a tank through social spending, by Lynn Walsh [From ‘The Socialist’ 243: 1 March, 2002]


International Women's Day