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Character of the far-right 

In a whole series of elections in Europe, far-right parties have made significant gains. 

The recent votes for Le Pen in France and the Pim Fortuyn List in the Netherlands have rocked the establishment parties and provoked mass anger and opposition.


France's political earthquake:

Socialism Today interviews Alex Rouillard of Gauche Revolutionnaire


Briefing: Kashmir conflict

Capitalist Crisis Threatens Nuclear War

The world is nearer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.



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Turbulent times


Netherlands' abrupt awakening:

No longer a haven of political stability


Ireland’s elections:

Growing discontent in the 'Celtic tiger'


English local elections:

Throw out the incumbents the main message



What prospects now for the BNP? 

Can the BNP succeed in escaping its neo-Nazi roots? Naomi Byron writes


Monarchy In the UK:

 Manny Thain looks at the history and function of Britain's monarchy


Ceasefire & the ballot box: Siritunga Jayasuriya comments on the prospects for peace in Sri Lanka



Equally matched:

The Matisse Picasso exhibition at Tate Modern



Capitalist Crisis Threatens Nuclear War


France – Fight the Right, build a workers’ alternative


International Women's Day