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Bush's peace plan fraud - Socialism Today 67Bush's peace plan fraud

Inflaming the Middle East conflict

US president George W Bush outlined his ‘vision’ for Israel/Palestine in a speech at the White House on Monday 24 June. 

Bush claimed he wanted to see ‘two states, living side by side, in peace and security’. He then fully endorsed the Israeli state’s brutal oppression and military aggression against the Palestinian people.


Gothenburg one year on

Per-Ake Westeriund reports on the Swedish clampdown on the anti-capitalist movement


A trade war looms

US / EU clashes could sink the World Trade Organisation's 'Doha round', argues Laurence Coates


'Fortress Europe' after Seville

EU establishment steps up pressure on refugees


Review: How would socialism work?

A 'socialised market' or democratic planning?



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The right wins

French national assembly elections


Belgian victory

Clabecq workers defeat political prosecution




Kashmir flashpoint

Kevin Simpson outlines the historical background to the present conflict


Stephen Jay Gould

Pete Mason looks at the work of this outstanding contributor to evolutionary theory



Class & culture

The intellectual life of the British working class