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Stop the Bush war machine!

Will the United States go to war against Iraq? 

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld appear determined to bring about a ‘regime change’ through a pre-emptive strike. 

They undoubtedly have the military power to destroy Saddam’s regime. But the consequences would be horrendous for the people of Iraq and the whole region.


Burying New Labour? 

Can the Labour Party really be reclaimed for socialism? ask Peter Taaffe & Bill Mullins



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New Zealand election

The rise & fall of the Alliance Party


The Netherlands

New right-wing government formed


HIV Aids

After the Barcelona conference


Seeing Red

Football industry in financial crisis




The stagnating US economy

Heading for a 'double dip' recession?  Lynn Walsh analyses the trends


Where is Brazil Going?

Brazil faces an historic election - and an economic disaster Andre Ferrari writes


No choice German election 

The conservative CDU/CSU look set to return to office. Sascha Stanicic reports



Economic planning and democracy


Hugo Chavez