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A human tide against the war

IN AN ELEMENTAL tide of protest against US preparations to attack Iraq, millions marched against war on 15 February, an estimated 30 million in 600 cities. 

Big demonstrations took place in the United States, in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other cities. In Europe the biggest demonstrations were in countries, like Britain, Spain and Italy, where governments are supporting Bush’s position. These phenomenal demonstrations represent a political earthquake.


Turning point in Britain

A new movement emerging

As a human wave of protest converged on Hyde Park on February 15 the question was inexorably posed: how can this movement find a political expression? In this respect, argues PETER TAAFFE, George Galloway’s speech predicting splits from the Labour Party if Blair supports a war, was the most significant of the day. Where could such developments lead?


War, occupation and aftermath

The US has mobilised a massive war machine, poised for an invasion of Iraq. Undoubtedly, the US has the military power to smash Saddam’s regime. But US imperialism will face major complications, especially in the aftermath of war. LYNN WALSH reports.


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Cover photo by Molly Cooper: London 15 February 2003



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