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Issue 77 - September 2003


Socialism Today Issue 77 - End the OccupationSpin, or the art of lying

BUSH, BLAIR AND the Australian premier John Howard are all facing inquiries into their alarming claims that Saddam possessed so-called weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) – chemical, biological and nuclear weapons – which posed an imminent threat to Iraq’s neighbours and even to the US and Britain. This was presented as the main argument for launching a pre-emptive strike against Iraq.

Bogged down in Iraq

"WE HAVE MADE good progress", claimed Bush on the hundredth day after he declared the end of major military operations in Iraq on May 1. "Iraq is more secure. The economy is beginning to improve". (International Herald Tribune, 9 August) This was in the realm of political fantasy, as recent events make clear.

The rise of the unions’ awkward squad

This summer’s election victory of Tony Woodley as the new general secretary of the Transport & General Workers Union has consolidated the position in the trade union movement as a whole of the new ‘awkward squad’ union leaders. BILL MULLINS reports.

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