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Socialism Today No 80 - February 2004


Socialism Today February 2004 - Where's the Exit?Still no exit signs

Celebrations by Bush and Blair at Saddam’s capture were brief. Armed resistance to the occupation of Iraq continues unabated. Protests against poverty, the lack of jobs and services are increasing. ROBERT BECHERT reports on the chaos in Iraq and the political consequences in the region and the West.

How awkward are the ‘awkward squad’?

KEN SMITH reviews A New Labour Nightmare – The Return of the Awkward Squad (Verso, 2003, Ł13 hardback), a new book by leading Communist Party member – and chair of the Stop the War Coalition – Andrew Murray.

Lenin: the original dictator?

In a moment of exaltation when US troops conquered Baghdad on April 10 last year, the US Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, proclaimed that "Saddam Hussein is now taking his rightful place alongside Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Ceausescu in the pantheon of failed, brutal dictators". Eighty years after the death of Lenin, the ruling classes globally still link him to the most horrific dictators. PER ĹKE WESTERLUND looks at the reasons behind these decades of slander.

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Through Hell for Hitler
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