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Issue 81 - March 2004

Socialism Today March 2004Bush’s Iraq syndrome

"WE WERE ALL wrong", David Kay, chief US WMD-hunter, told the Senate Armed Services Committee (28 January). No actual chemical, biological or nuclear weapons have been found, and there is "no indication of a production process that would have produced [WMD] stockpiles". Saddam’s WMD programme was, after all, just a smoke-and-mirrors illusion.

Stark choices in Iraq

The US regime desperately wants to hand over the day-to-day running of Iraq, so it can pull the strings but avoid the political, military and financial costs of direct occupation. However, as ROBERT BECHERT reports, Bush’s Middle East policy is being undermined in the face of increasingly organised Iraqi opposition.

Prudence with Balls?

Gordon Brown is considered by many as the heir to Tony Blair as New Labour leader. Some, including a number of left-wing trade union leaders, believe that this would result in a progressive, ‘Old Labour’ turn, and a chance to reclaim the Labour Party. Reviewing a recent book* on Brown’s ‘prudent’ economic policies, PETER TAAFFE explains why this is a forlorn hope.

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