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Socialism Today 96 - November 2005


Socialism Today 96 - November 2005

Towards a new workers’ party

For ten years, the Socialist Party has raised the need for a new party of the working class. With each step further to the right by Blair’s New Labour, that need has become more pressing.

This year’s Labour conference – its anti-union stance and total rejection of democratic decision-making – reinforced that view. PETER TAAFFE explains the reasoning behind a new Socialist Party initiative.

Asian earthquake disaster

Our journey to the devastated city of Bagh in Kashmir in a truck loaded with aid donated by Lahore’s working-class communities was one the most emotional and painful that we have ever experienced. Eyewitness account from Bagh, by KHALID BHATTI


Time for yesterday’s news

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Government launches new attacks

'Intelligent design' controversy
US religious right takes on science

Arms-dealing Blair
Shaping foreign and domestic policy

Arctic melting
Reaching a tipping point?


The problem with Respect
Judy Beishon looks at the politics, electoral record and structures of Respect

What the Greens did in power
The record of the German SPD-Green coalition examined by Kim Opgenoorth

Remember, remember...
The 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. Paul Moorhouse writes

World in Action
A classic TV series on DVD

A weekend of debate and discussion organised by the Socialist Party 12-13 November