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Socialism Today 97 - Dec 05/Jan 06


Socialism Today 97 - Dec 05/Jan 06

Blair’s reign unravels

For the first time since his election in 1997, Tony Blair has been defeated in parliament. His proposal for internment without charge for 90 days in ‘terrorism’ cases was diluted to 28 days. On top of mounting anger at cuts to public services, attacks on pay and conditions, and the occupation of Iraq, Blair is increasingly seen as a lame-duck prime minister. How long can he hang on and what will happen when he goes? PETER TAAFFE writes.

Hong Kong summit

The World Trade Organisation is split and looks unlikely to reach substantive agreement as international trade tensions and economic rivalry increasingly dominate the agenda of its next meeting. The summit will also be met with angry demonstrations as workers and the poorest people protest against this agency of global capitalist exploitation. LAURENCE COATES reports.

A view from Hong Kong

SOCIALISM TODAY interviews Alan Chen, a socialist in Hong Kong, who gives his view on perspectives for the 'Chinese model’ and developments in Hong Kong itself, in the run-up to the WTO summit.

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