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Socialism Today 98 - February 2006

Marx & Engels

The role of the unions

How to combat the worldwide offensive of capitalism against the rights and conditions of the working class? This is a big issue facing the trade unions today. So also is the absence of a distinct political voice for working-class people as former ‘workers’ parties have abandoned a working-class and socialist perspective, like New Labour in Britain. PETER TAAFFE shows that in the writings of Marx and Engels are to be found many answers to begin overcoming these problems confronting trade unions today.

The left in Germany

Which way forward?

While the grand coalition government of the conservative CDU/CSU and social democratic SPD carries on with neo-liberal attacks on the working class, a big debate is taking place within the German left about the unification of different forces and parties. SASCHA STANICIC, general secretary of Sozialistische Alternative (SAV – CWI Germany) and active member of the Party for Work and Justice - The Electoral Alternative (WASG) analyses the background and perspectives for this debate.

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