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Socialism Today July-August 2010

Socialism Today 140 - July/August 2010

Cloning New Labour

The next leader of Britain’s main ‘opposition’ party will be one of four New Labour clones. None of them offers any alternative to the millions of people about to suffer savage attacks by the Con-Dem coalition. Despite claims by some on the left, the idea that the Labour Party could now be reclaimed by working-class activists is a forlorn hope. HANNAH SELL reports on the leadership contest and why the need for a new mass workers’ party is ever more urgent.

Britain’s offshore occupation

It is one year since the occupation by sacked workers of the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight. It was a landmark struggle which, alongside the disputes at Lindsey, Linamar and Visteon, signalled the first stirrings of a new period of industrial struggle in Britain. NICK CHAFFEY looks back at this significant battle.

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Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna