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Socialism Today 146 - March 2011

Socialism Today 146 - March 2011

Where now for the Egyptian revolution?

Following hot on the heels of revolutionary events in Tunisia, the Egyptian masses took to the streets during 18 tumultuous days. Now, all the authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and beyond fear for their rotten rule. This is, however, only the beginning of the revolution in Egypt. PETER TAAFFE assesses the current critical situation and possible developments.

The cutbacks and the fightback

Campaigns to defend public-sector jobs, services and pensions are being built around Britain. The national demonstration on 26 March – reluctantly called by the TUC – offers a great opportunity to step up the movement. HANNAH SELL reports on the potential for developing a mass campaign of coordinated public-sector industrial action, linked with community and users’ groups, students and the unemployed, to defeat the Con-Dem coalition’s vicious cuts.

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The Big Society con
A cuts and privatisation agenda

A global struggle
International women's day 2011

Canada's Arctic wasteland
Manny Thain reports on the shoddy deals struck at the world climate talks in Mexico

Britain's fragile economy
Lynn Walsh analyses the feeble condition of British capitalism

The Scottish elections
Philip Stott on the latest moves to mount an anti-cuts electoral challenge in May

A victory for the Unison Four
We look at the stunning result of the latest employment tribunal in this long-running saga

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