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Issue 222 October 2018

Socialism Today 222 - October 2018

Antisemitism - what it is and how to fight it

The storm of accusations against Jeremy Corbyn on the issue of antisemitism, while politically motivated, has raised questions on how to define and combat it. It has also renewed debate about Zionism and Israel – both the policies of successive Israeli governments and the existence of the Israeli state. JUDY BEISHON looks at antisemitism in its historical context as well as the situation today, approaching it and the ‘Jewish Question’ from a Marxist standpoint.

Editorial: The fog of Brexit

The UK is scheduled to formally withdraw from the structures and treaties of the European Union on 29 March 2019, less than six months’ time. But Brexit has generated an enormous fog to hide the conflicting interests between the British capitalist class and their EU ‘partners’, and between the different economic and political fractions within the capitalist classes of all 28 EU nation states. Above all, the most fundamental clash of interests, that between the capitalists as a whole and the working class.

Consolidating Russia's gangster capitalism

Vladimir Putin rose to power after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as gangster capitalism seized hold of Russia. Emulating aspects of Stalin’s ‘strongman’ image, he has sought to reassert Russian power on the world stage. NIALL MULHOLLAND reviews a new book charting Putin’s course.

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