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Learning from Genoa

Clare Doyle gives an account of the events and draws out some of the key issues raised for the anti-capitalist movement






Indonesia after Wahid

What are the implications of the fall of Wahid? Niall Mulholland writes


Taliban, Islam and Oil

Per Ake Westerlund looks at the Taliban’s rise to power and the situation in Afghanistan today



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‘Fortress Europe’

Sweden leads EU refugee clampdown


Race in Britain

A summer of discontent


Student poverty

Fees anger hits New Labour


Germany’s nuclear consensus

Red-Green coalition concedes to nuclear lobby


Turkey’s collapse

Political establishment discredited


Chirac & Jospin

French corruption scandals


Global Warning

Kyoto after Bonn

Climate talks compromise




The Alanbrooke diaries

Britain’s war-time chief of staff debunks the Churchill myth


Sustainable societies

Integrating the environment and economy?