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Socialism Today 115 - February 2008


Socialism Today 115 - February 2008

Venezuela: the revolution in danger

Hugo Chávez’s defeat in December’s referendum marks a key point in Venezuela’s revolution. The high abstention rate indicates a growing frustration at the slow pace of change. Meanwhile, the right-wing opposition has been emboldened by its victory. TONY SAUNOIS looks at the warning signs and assesses the current situation.

A global shock to the system

Global capitalism faces its worst crisis since 1945. The collapse of the US housing bubble has triggered an economic slowdown and the subprime finance crisis. These forces threaten a global financial crisis and a serious downturn in the world economy. LYNN WALSH analyses these developments and their implications.

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Voters demand change

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BNP tensions produce a very public dispute

Taiwan elections
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Just talking the talk on climate change

Kenya's rigged election
Post-election violence rocks Kenya. Segun Sango writes

Andrew Glynn 1943-2007
Obituary for the renowned socialist economist

Climate change
The China debate

Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna