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Socialism Today 124 - December-January 2008/09

Socialism Today 124 - December-January 2008/09

Illusions & reality

Barack Obama won a sweeping victory on 5 November. The first black minority president won a decisive majority of the popular vote. At the same time, the Democrats now have a commanding majority in Congress. This was a massive vote for change, an angry rejection of the Bush regime. Opposition to the war in Iraq merged with even stronger rejection of disastrous, ultra-free-market policies.

Emblazoning a message of hope and change, Obama has aroused great expectations. But will he deliver?

Brown bounce-back: how long can it last?

THE SEVERITY of the crisis has thrown the programmes of all the major capitalist parties into disarray. Temporarily, however, it has resuscitated New Labourís dying government. At the time of writing, the Toriesí lead over New Labour has narrowed to less than five points, compared to 20 just three months ago. Superficially, it seems incredible that the party which has been in government for eleven years is now reviving, however moderately, in the polls. HANNAH SELL reports.

Will the downturn save the planet?

A Green New Deal?

Alongside government intervention to bailout the sinking world economy, there has been a revival of calls for environmental Keynesianism: pumping in state cash to save the planet. PETE DICKENSON reports on the issues being raised and assesses whether such a deal is likely.

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