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Socialism Today 128 - May 2009

Socialism Today 128 - May 2009

Euro elections 2009

Challenging big business and the far-right

In this yearís European elections working-class people have a positive alternative to vote for. A new electoral alliance, No2EU-Yes to Democracy has been launched to oppose the EUís big-business agenda. It will also mount a challenge to the divisive, anti-working class, far-right BNP which has, in the past, benefitted from the protest votes in Euro-elections. HANNAH SELL reports on this important initiative.

Who are the Euro-Greens?

Nine out of ten people in Britain oppose the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, being implemented by New Labour before the deadline set by the postal services directive passed by the European Union (EU). In the European elections on 4 June some opposed to this policy may consider voting Green against the main parties and the far-right. Such voters might be surprised to know that the Green Party in the European parliament supports this directive! HUGH CAFFREY looks at the record of the Greens when they have shared power around Europe.

The great recession

Who now would dispute that world capitalism is facing its worse economic crisis since the 1930s? Previous slumps, like 1974-75 and 1980-82, mainly affected the advanced capitalist countries, and overall growth in the world economy remained positive. Now, for the first time since 1945, there is a synchronised global downturn, with an absolute decline in world output (aggregate GDP) and trade. LYNN WALSH writes.

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