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Socialism Today 130 - July/August 2009

Socialism Today 130 - July/August 2009

A rotten system

Politics in Britain has been dragged through the gutter with MPs caught ripping off thousands of pounds worth in expenses. As working-class people face job and wage cuts, the whole rotten system has been exposed. As a result, New Labour was hammered in euro and local elections, while the far-right BNP made gains. With a general election due within a year, now more than ever, a new workers’ party is needed. PETER TAAFFE looks at the processes underlying the political situation in Britain today.

Socialist success in Ireland’s euro poll

Joe Higgins’ euro-election victory in Dublin is a spectacular victory for the Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) and the left in general. Fianna Fáil, the governing party, suffered a devastating setback. The Socialist Party and other left groups also made gains in county council elections. KEVIN McLOUGHLIN reports.

Euro elections 2009

June’s European elections gave a snapshot, albeit often distorted by low turnouts, of the continent’s anxious mood and the distrust, if not hostility, to most governments. In a number of countries, like Britain, Greece, Ireland and Hungary, the ruling parties suffered dramatic reverses. But generally, with a few exceptions, this did not lead to a growth in support for genuinely left or even green forces. Instead, it was expressed in a further drop in voter turnout and increases for right nationalist or far-right parties. ROBERT BECHERT writes.

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