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Socialism Today 133 - November 2009

Socialism Today 133 - November 2009

Stalinism and after

When the Berlin wall was dismantled in 1989 and Stalinist regimes came crashing down, capitalism declared itself victorious. The collapse of Stalinism was used in a global ideological offensive against socialism, which was unjustly equated with that dictatorial, bureaucratic system, to drive through brutal, neo-liberal capitalist policies worldwide. Introducing a special anniversary edition of Socialism Today, PETER TAAFFE looks back at the incredible events of 1989 and their consequences.

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The incredible events of 1989

EAST GERMANY: Power was lying on the streets
Ingmar Meinecke gives a blow-by-blow account of revolution and counter-revolution

THE SOVIET UNION: From perestroika to capitalism
Gorbachev set out to restructure Stalinism but the collapse of the USSR was the result. Rob Jones writes

THE SOVIET UNION: The failure of Stalinist planning
We reprint a 1988 review by Lynn Walsh on the economics of perestroika

POLAND: Defeat from the jaws of victory
How did Solidarity become the agent of capitalist restoration? asks Paul Newbery