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Socialism Today 136 - March 2010

Socialism Today 136 - March 2010

Euro tremors

Greece shakes the eurozone foundations

The economic crisis in Greece is sending shockwaves through Europe’s financial and political infrastructure. The threat of debt default has fuelled feverish speculation on bond markets. The only issue on which the EU and Greek political establishment agrees is that the working-class will have to pay through savage cutbacks. This, in turn, is sparking social upheaval. LYNN WALSH reports on the gravest challenge to the eurozone since the launch of the euro currency.

The great anti-poll tax victory

How 18 million people brought Thatcher down

The majority of trade union leaders are completely unprepared to meet the coming onslaught on jobs and public services, the worst for 40 years. But that does not mean that the inevitable resistance is destined for defeat. On the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the poll tax to England and Wales, PETER TAAFFE looks back on the ‘unofficial’ mass movement which humbled the seemingly invincible Margaret Thatcher.

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