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Socialism Today 139 - June 2010

Socialism Today 139 - June 2010

The ConDem coalition

Not-so-new politics

After intense negotiations and backroom deals, the Tories and Liberal Democrats cobbled together a coalition government. This was the option favoured by the ruling, capitalist class, once it was clear that David Cameronís Tories had failed to win a majority. They believe it will be able to deliver the deep, savage cuts they are demanding to make working-class people pay for their crisis. PETER TAAFFE assesses the situation.

TUSCís first steps

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition contested the general election for the first time. Its participants realised, when it was formed in January this year, that TUSCís vote would be squeezed in the context of a polarised general election. The ĎAmericanisationí of British politics, with the capitalist New Labour party no longer seen by workers as Ďour partyí, has created a deep sense of powerlessness amongst millions of working class voters. CLIVE HEEMSKERK reports.

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Voters reject the cuts coalition

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The Deepwater Horizon disaster
The environmental and health and safety issues of the catastrophic oil spill

The EU's spiral of crisis
Robert Bechert writes on a developing continental crisis

Defending public education
Neo-liberal 'reform' of education has gone furthest in the US. Tom Crean reports.

Taking the Poplar road
A recent book on Poplar's rebel councillors

Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna